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Meet Kim Dillen

Meet Kim  Dillen.


Kim is on the far right


Kim is a mother. Runner. Walt Disney World Moms Panelist – circa 2012. And  dear friend of mine.

Kim is a real mother runner. This is her story.

I started running at the age of 42 when I participated in my first 5k for a local charity, without training beforehand, and could barely maintain the minimum per mile pace required to finish in under an hour. I thought the weekly hot yoga classes I had been attending throughout most of my adult life were enough to slow the affects of aging on my body and that maintaining a healthy body weight by eating a vegetarian diet meant I really didn’t need to alter my lifestyle in order to keep up with my active family. In all honestly, it was very humbling to discover just how out of shape I had become! I knew I wanted to improve my cardiovascular fitness so, I challenged my girlfriends to join me in running the Princess Half Marathon in Walt Disney World in honor of my 43rd birthday. Of course, when I registered for the race, I had never attempted to run further than 3 miles in my life and had no earthy idea what I had just signed up to do or the many months of training ahead of me. I also didn’t just realize how much I would grow to love the sport of running during that time and the feeling of satisfaction I would get in accomplishing the first race goal I had ever set for myself. Of course, the shiny half marathon medal at the finish line certainly was motivational too! Fast forward two years and multiple races of variable distances later, and I’m now in training for my first marathon in Walt Disney World in January 2016. What started out as a way to feel better about myself and improve my health, has morphed into a wonderful opportunity to socialize and bond through running with my closest girlfriends and my now 13 year old daughter. I’ve also been a coach for Girls on the Run for the last two years to help empower young ladies to literally chasing down their dreams as they train to complete what will be for many, their very first 5k, at the end of the 16 week program. The gifts of running have become too numerous for me to count now. I’ll be forever grateful for that very first 5k struggle as it was just the push I needed to discover an inner strength that I never knew I had within me.

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