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Green Tea Matcha Smoothie

Green tea matcha is all the rage right now in the fitness industry because of its tremendous health and weight loss benefits. Green tea matcha, is a finely ground powder. Matcha is the only tea in which the entire leaf is consumed, which contributes to the outstanding health benefits.Green Tea Matcha

Green tea matcha is full of antioxidants, cancer-fighting polyphenols and vitamins A, K, C, B-complex and K. The biggest benefit of green tea matcha is EGCg (epigallo-catechin gallate). EGCg is a powerful cancer-fighting agent and helps fights against free radicals, including pollution, UV rays and chemicals.

Green matcha has also been shown to contribute to weight loss, as it boosts metabolism and burns fat. This article by Dr. Oz talks about starting your day with a green tea matcha smoothie to boost weight loss. An article on Livestrong by Alexandra Vairo mentions a study that demonstrated that green tea matcha reduced individuals BMI and weight circumfrance…simply by ingesting the green tea matcha powder! Men who had green tea matcha powder were shown to lose 5.3 pounds compared to those who didn’t take the supplement that only lost 2.9 pounds! Sign me up!

So this morning I whipped up a quick green tea matcha smoothie with spinach, green tea matcha powder, protein powder, half a banana and almond milk. It was delish!

Green Tea MatchaIt is so simple and I was able to concoct it quickly before going into the office. I sipped it on my way in and I devoured it before I arrived uptown.

There are many ways you can combine your favs in a smoothie, but here is my recipe:

1 tsp green tea matcha powder (culinary grade – can buy on Amazon)

1 scoop Unjury Protein Powder (vanilla)

1/2 cup raw baby spinach leaves

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk (unsweet)

1/2 frozen banana

Blend with ice and that’s it!

I also bought The Republic of Tea Green Tea Matcha tea packets for hot tea in the morning. I’m trying to replace my morning coffee with

Have you tried green tea matcha? Do you drink it hot or cold?it.

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