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Tips for running while on vacation

IMG_7630With the summer upon us, many of us will be traveling. While the summer is a time for relaxing and rejuvenating, we don’t want to veer too far off of our exercise routine, but fitting in a run while traveling can be challenging.

Follow these strategies to keep you “running” while hitting the road:

1. Do your research

Map out your runs in advance using mapmyrun. Having a pre-planned route ahead of time will help with any worries about fitting in mileage or finding a place to run.

2. Just ask

Ask  the hotel concierge if there are any local jogging trails. When I stayed at Coronado Springs at Disney World, they had a 1-mile jogging trail that surrounded Lago Dorado, making for a beautiful morning run. When I visited Asheville, I discovered that the Omni Grove Park Inn Resort had a sunset trail, perfect for getting in a run. There was also a nearby hill that traffic didn’t touch, so I could practice my hill training.

3. Take it inside

Many hotels offer fitness facilitates on-site, so you can log miles on the indoor treadmill while traveling.

4.  Cross-Train

Fitness gains can be made by switching up the routine. If you typically run, try swimming while you are on vacation to engage different muscles. If you usually bike, give the elliptical a try. You’ll be surprised how a little time off can actually improve your overall fitness. Omni Grove Park Inn Resort had a sunset trail, fitness center, tennis courts and golf course. There were plenty of ways to get active on their property

5. Get active

Incorporate activity into your vacation plans to sneak in exercise while still having fun. Plan a hiking trek, skiing or surfing to try something new. If you plan an active vacation, you may not even have to log official miles on the road. Try paddle boarding, yoga or even a huante

No matter where you go this holiday season, there are little ways you can sneak in exercise while still enjoying time with your family. And remember, running is a huge stress reliever, which we could all use during this busy time of year!

How do you fit in your run while on vacation? I’d love to hear from you!

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