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AirFit Aerial Yoga

AirFitThe hottest new fitness trend will have you floating on air…literally. Air Fit is an intense fitness class, in which participants hang from hammocks suspended from the ceiling and perform a series of moves that fuse ballet, pilates and yoga. I completely underestimated the intensity of this class the first time I took it. I’ve run marathons…I should be able to take an aerial yoga class with no sweat, right? Wrong! I was sweating all over my mat and had an intense workout. The best part about Air Fit is that it doesn’t feel like a work out. I feel like a kid again as I hang upside down, or step up into the hammock. For 50 minutes we do push ups, air pigeon, planks, kicks and star jumps and at the end of class I can’t believe it’s over.

My daughter has even caught the Air Fit bug and she’s taking an upcoming Mom and Me class, where we can fuse fun and fitness together.

emilyairfitI visit Air Aerial Fitness and they have studios in Chicago, Charlotte, Los Angeles, River North, Dallas and Lincoln Park. Steve Harvey recently tried Air Fitness on his show and it’s all the rage in the latest fitness magazines.

Each instructor has a slightly different method, which is great because you will get a different workout each time you visit. My favorite class is Air Shred because it resembles Tabata training, in that we do intense 30 second spurts of exercise, followed by a short rest for the entire class. It moves quickly and creates results fast.

There are many benefits to inversions as well, including improved circulation, activation of the parasympathetic system, creating feelings of balance and calm and mental and physical invigoration.

How do you know if Aerial Yoga / Air Fit is for you?

If you like Pilates, you’ll love Air Fit! If you are looking for a workout that fuses cardio, strength training, yoga and Pilates, you should also give it a try. It’s also great for anyone who is looking to try something new or is bored with their current routine.

Who shouldn’t take Aerial Yoga / Air Fit?

The weight limit on the hammock is 300 lbs. and it’s recommended that individuals weigh less than 250 lbs. It’s not recommended for those with vertigo, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Have you ever done AirFit or Aerial Yoga?

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