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Should you try a virtual race?

virtualraceI not ashamed to admit that I’m all about that bling. I run for the medals. I love looking at them, collecting them and hanging them in my office. In 2014, I made a goal to run a half marathon a month, which I did, and I love looking at my bling to remind me of achieving that goal.

Signing up for a race usually goes like this.

Months prior: That race sounds awesome! I can’t wait to sign up.

Weeks prior: Oh gosh, that race is coming up, I better train.

Days prior: I hope I’m ready for that race.

The night before: I’m nervous for the race.

The morning of: Why did I sign up for this race??

The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of holding the cold medal in my hand and hanging it around my neck afterwards.

Virtual Race

But not every race has bling. I’ve only seen a few 5Ks that gave out participant medals. Also, races can pose a scheduling challenge and it can be difficult to find races in certain areas.

Enter, the virtual race. A virtual race is a race that can be run in any location; on your treadmill, in your neighborhood or a different race. The website, WillRunForBling offers a variety of medals on virtual run dates.

It works like this:

  1. Choose a virtual race date/distance.
  2. On that date; run.
  3. Order your bling.


Virtual Run

My kids and I ran the McAdenville Christmas 5K and I was so proud of them for completing a race! But, they were used to seeing mommy get race medals, so they were pretty disappointed when they didn’t get a participant medal at the finish line. So, I simply went on WillRunForBling and ordered the AWESOME Christmas Story Leg Lamp medal for both my kiddos for finishing the race.

So, who is this for?

If you don’t live close a city that conducts races, this is perfect for you. Also, if you would like to dip your feet in the water of racing, but don’t want the pressure of getting up early, picking up your packet, using the porta-potty or waiting around in the cold for your race to start, this is perfect for you. This is also a great motivator for kids. If you want to get your kids started in running, they will be inspired by looking at what they can earn for their hard work.

Virtual RunWho shouldn’t try it?

I definitely encourage runners, new and established, to get out there and run races in person. There is nothing like experiencing the anxiety, thrill and rush of racing to keep you motivated. I wouldn’t encourage runners to solely rely upon virtual races, but it’s a great addition to your repertoire.

Virtual Race







Have you tried a virtual race?

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