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Is the Apple Watch worth the money?

Apple WatchI love running gadgets, so I was overjoyed to see the Apple Watch release with the plethora of health and fitness tracking capabilities. I’ve had the watch for about two months now, so let me give you the scoop on the good, the bad and the ugly on the Apple Watch.




The Good


The Apple Watch has an Activity app that allows you to track your “stand”, “move” and “exercise” goals. You can track your progress towards the goals by looking at your activity app each day. Your “stand” goal starts at standing for one minute every hour. Your “move” goal can be adjusted for the number of calories you want to “move” each day. Your “exercise” goal is your minutes of exercise each day. You can earn achievements along the way, which is perfect for me as a “type A” personality. I like being able to evaluate my goals each day and week and constantly challenge myself to move more.





It’s eye opening to see the level of activity. When I was in Walt Disney World, I earned the “200% move goal”, “perfect week (exercise)”, “longest move streak”, “perfect week (stand)” and “perfect week (move)”. When I logged into the Health app at the end of my vacation, I saw that I walked over 200,000 steps in ten days, which equated to over 100 miles. The Apple watch actually encouraged me to move more throughout my trip and was a great motivator!


The Bad


I like to use the Nike+ Running application on my iPhone, but I’ve found that it doesn’t work well with the Apple watch. On the Apple watch, I like to use the “Activity” app so I can earn the badges and track my progress towards my goals. However, if I use the Nike+ Running app on my Apple watch or iPhone, it doesn’t syndicate with my Activity app. I tried running both apps simultaneously, but quite frankly, this is a pain in the butt. I like the fact that the Nike+ Running app will tell me when I reach each mile and keep track of my distance, which the activity app does not do. It would be great if Apple could have the data from Nike+ Running syndicate with the Activity app so I didn’t have to use both.


The Ugly


The battery life sucks! YoIMG_2820u have to charge the Apple watch every single night or the battery will die. If I use the Apple watch for running and tracking activity all day, it dies even quicker. Some nights I hit the sack exhausted, which means I forget to take off my watch and charge it. This means the next day I can’t use the watch at all. I invested in a second charger for my Apple watch and I keep it at work so I can charge my watch during the day in case I forget to charge it at night. However, this is still a pain because then it doesn’t track my steps or activity. I hate looking at the days that appear I have no activity, when it really means I was too lazy to charge
my watch and it lay on the charger all day.

So, to answer the question, is the Apple watch worth the money, let’s explore the cost:

Apple Watch Sport: That’s the model I have. The 38mm aluminum case version is $349 the 42mm aluminum case version is $399.

Apple Watch: The Apple watch with the stainless steel case and sapphire crystal display is $549 for 38mm and $599 for 42mm.

Apple Watch in 18-Karat Rose Gold = $10,000 for the 38mm and $12,000 for 42mm.

I do think that the Apple Watch Sport is worth the money. For $349 you get a fitness device and so much more. You can track your miles, steps, nutrition, talk on the phone, check text messages, email and voicemail all at the tap of a button. Personally, I think it’s worth the money because of the functionality.

Considering that the Apple watch has the functionality of several other devices rolled up into one, I think it provides a great value.

Do you have an Apple watch? What do you think?

2 Comments on Is the Apple Watch worth the money?

  1. I love my apple watch for all the reasons you state but it definitely doesn’t replace my garmin or tomtom watches unless I use a 3rd party and even then it doesn’t sync with the activity app. I like to check my pace by mile, etc and it just doesn’t do that. One more thing it doesn’t do, track sleep.. Hopeful the update coming out in September/October will fix that. Overall, I do love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world but it really is just a gadget.

    • I agree 100% Ashleigh! I have a review of my Garmin Forerunner coming up next week and I speak exactly about that. My Apple Watch does not replace my Garmin and I still prefer my Garmin for tracking my miles. And I agree about the sleep tracking! Can you believe it doesn’t have that today? I thought for sure that it would and that’s one of the reasons I bought it. What version of Garmin do you have? Do you prefer Garmin or TomTom? Do you use an app to sync your Garmin with your iPhone?

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