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Meet Jessica Payne

Jessica PayneJessica is a mother of a 10-year old son, David, who motivates her to run. She is a newlywed to the love of her life. She works full-time while pursuing her dream of becoming a running coach and personal trainer. She lives in a beautiful small town set amidst gorgeous mountains, tall trees and glistening waterfalls. She writes the inspirational blog Flying Feet Faith that provides motivation, tips and workouts for runners.


This is her story.


I am not a cookie cutter woman. I tend to run wild and chaotic. Unruly and unmannered. I’m also a mother.


A mother runner to be exact. Running helps me release my rebel side. It is my freedom. I need it.


My road hasn’t always been smooth. I was a single mother before I got married last year. I understand the struggle (physical and emotional) for both un-married and married mommas. From finding the time to run to crying over baby tummy…


Running has brought me peace with my body. For the most part it has shown me what my body can achieve: childbirth and running 26 point freaking 2 miles. Both are priceless.


I still have saggy skin on my tummy, but there are strong muscles underneath.

And I understand being tired all the time. My mantra is that I may be tired now, but I’ll be tired anyway, so I may as well be fit and tired. Running boosts my energy in the long term. I always get more done on the days I run.


As a personal I have a few tips that I provide new runners to help them get started on their path to peace with their body and more energy as a mother runner.


Here are my top five tips for the new mother runner:

  • Forget what your ideal runner’s body looks like. We are all unique. I’m a short runner at only 5’0. I’m no running gazelle.
  • Run your pace. It doesn’t matter if you run a 12-minute mile or a six-minute mile, as if you’re putting one foot in front of the other.
  • It’s okay to splurge on a good pair shoes. And it might even protect your body. Check out your local running store and ask to have your running gait analyzed. It’s usually free.
  • Stop the mommy guilt. You will be a better mother when you’re healthy inside and out, and feeling strong. And when questioning the money you spent on a new pair of running shoes…just ask yourself how much money have you invested in your child. It’s ok to treat yourself momma. You can also evaluate your other expenses and you may discover that you can cut other extras, such as cable, eating out and coffee. If you cut those out you may have more money to spend on other activities that make you happy, like running.
  • Enjoy the journey! Run with friends and get connected with the running community. Find a running group or another running mother. You can also get connected online with other runners on sites such as One Mother Runner. The online running community is known for supporting each other and providing a virtual support system.


Jessica is a mother of a 9-year old son and is recently married to the love of her life. She’s a small town girl, running to make a big time difference. Visit her at

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