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Fruit Challenge

My kids wanted to do the Oreo Challenge that is all the rage on YouTube right now. Have you heard of it? You basically taste-test several different flavors of Oreos, such as mint, berry, double stuffed, golden, birthday cake, peanut butter cream, cookie dough and lemon. Don a blindfold and equip yourself with bags of Oreos and a videographer and you’re set. They’ve been begging to do this challenge, but I just can’t bring myself to buy bags of Oreos and allow my kids to stuff their face with them.

What about a healthier food challenge? Like a fruit challenge? I bought a ton of healthy fruits, including some more exotic types, such as Dragon Fruit, and I put my kids to the test. This was a fun way for them to still do a “challenge”, but in a healthy way. Maybe they will even learn to love a new fruit?

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