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You know you’re a runner when…

I reached out to fellow mother runners in the Women’s Running Community and asked them the question, “You know you’re a runner when…” and they came up with some awesome responses!


You know you’re a runner when….


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.25.28 AMYou have eight tabs open on your computer and they are all running related. – Erin Smith Miller


You choose the area you want to live in by the running opportunities, – Kelly Lindbeck


Disney RacesYou plan your vacations around your race schedule. – Erin Smith Miller


You can’t bring yourself to spend more than twenty bucks on shoes or bras unless they are running shoes and athletic bras. And then $120 for shoes and $45 for a bra is reasonable. – Tara L. Mauck


When your husband says “don’t be mad at me because you didn’t run today” – Debbie Kaminsky

You have more running shoes than regular shoes – Diane Kinney


When you have more running clothes than normal clothes – Sarah Rosario


When you have a whole dresser filled just with running/workout clothes – Chantell Puhrmann Drummer


When you view your mud-spattered running shoes as a badge of honor. Mimi SassafrasWWsocks


When it’s “All about that race, ’bout that race, no stopping…” Janet Slater


You look at others people’s vacation photos and think that looks like an amazing place to run – Bobbie Jo Crank-Hartsuff


You can’t imagine taking more than a few days off without running. – Paula Adams


You set your alarm on days off to get up early for a run and check the projected temperature in advance – Shalotta Jordan Sharp


Apple WatchYou can’t leave a number at a decimal. – Lisa Hebert Ryan



You still have to get your 10 miles in on your wedding day. – Rebecca Harrington Gordon


You see a dirt road and think, “I have to run that! ” – Karen Padron


You are walking on the beach with your husband thinking, “I want to run this so bad” – Cyndi Newett


You are injured and can’t wait to hit the road! – Jaclyn Magrin


IMG_2670You feel the urge to shout encouraging comments to other runners as you drive by them in your car! (I always want to tell them ‘GOOD JOB’ or ‘KEEP GOING, YOU GOT THIS!’) – Erin Smith Miller


You help an six year-old “clean” her room after an eight miler. – Kristen Cascino Lavin


You get Lasik eye surgery so you can see better when you run. And then asked the Doctor if you can run two days after surgery. – Sue Cook Volpato


You look forward to go swimming with the kids, and call it cross training. – Kristen Cascino Lavin

When you think about the number of miles you will have run to burn off some food before you decide to eat it or not. – Katie Benken Counts


You are excited your gym has a three-hour time limit for childcare, that equals a long treadmill run. – Kristen Cascino Lavin


When you are excited about getting into the zone to just think about things. – Denise Martin


You schedule nights out so they don’t impact your long run. – Deidre Goulding-Kelly


You reach in your drawer and get stabbed by several safety pins! – Julie Callaghan Grace


You stop running to lose weight and begin running because of how it makes you feel. – Jen Buettner


You join a half dozen running groups on Facebook because NO ONE ELSE GETS IT!!!! – Erin Smith Miller


GUWhen Glide, Gu, and Fartleks all make sense. – Julie Owen-Loughborough

You look at the green mileage signs on the road that says x miles to….and think….oh I can run that! – Kathy LaRue


Your family buys running gear for your birthday, Mothers Day and Christmas. – Syliva Peters


When you’re driving and look longingly at a runner, wishing that was you. – Patty Traina Kweram


AshevilleMarthonKeep Running! – Maria Claudia Rodiguez


You’ve chafed in unspeakable places. – Margarita Delapz Cambest


When you plan your vacation running route around restrooms so you can poop. – Theresa Powderly-Ravens


The first thing you put in your suitcase, when going on vacation, are your running shoes! – Sonia Stahile Schminke


When you are stuck in traffic, 5 miles from your destination, and think “I could totally run this!” – Sonia Stahile Schminke


When you only run loads of laundry because you are out of running clothes and need them for tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. – Carrie Fair


When you are a bit cranky in the morning and your students say, “You must not have run this morning!” – Mary Ann Wood


When you’ve checked out running trails from the passengers seat and try to figure out their names. – Stacey Santos


You stop buying clothes for work and only buy running clothes even when you don’t need them. – Faith Glosenger Nicosia


You upload and analyze EVERY run as soon as you get in the door. – Carol Barton

You bring more running clothes with you on vacation than you do clothes. – Paula Nichols Brown

You see others running during your commute and you get runner’s envy. Brenda Anderson

When you’re driving and see a runner and say “ooh look a runner!” or how you wish you were out there running. – Tiffany Palmer

You aren’t sure if you are on a honeymoon or a crazy running vacation! – Patty Traina Kweram

You start liking port-o-potties! – Lori Crotty Hall


You go shopping for “regular” clothes only to come home with running clothes or gear! – Angel McCrary


When you’re stuck on the interstate before your exit and your hubby says, ” Hey, why don’t you get out and run to the front to see what going on and I’ll meet you!” – Angel McCrary


You set an alarm on vacation….for sunrise….just to run! – Angel McCrary


When your suitcase of running clothes is bigger than your suitcase of regular clothes that you take on vacation! Laurie Wolford-Schoening


When you feel guilty for taking a rest day when sick, even if you “rested” for 37 years before you started running at all. – Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper


When you debate on going to a family function that is two hours away because you have a scheduled 16-mile training run that same day. – Melanie Belcher Trump


One Mother Runner Packing ListWhen you go to the store to buy new “teacher clothes” for the school year and end up spending most of your money on new running gear. – Lori Schrecengost Hahn


You confirm in the Operating Room with your surgeon before being put to sleep for a hysterectomy that you will be healed and ready for your half marathon that’s 6 weeks away! – Angie Lenth Hannan


When describing yourself you start with I’m a runner. – Kathy Aucter-Morse


When you’re out driving around or out of town looking for a good or alternate running site! – Sandra Perry-Williams


Jogging Trail at Saratoga Springs Resort and SpaYou’re and see a nice hill and say to yourself, “ooh, that’d be a good hill to run.” Carol Barton


It hurts to stretch. – Erica Lyn


Your friends don’t want to hear about your “hobby” – Jessica Fitzgerald


You catch yourself wiping your nose with the sleeve of your shirt…while standing on the sidewalk to pick up your kids from school. Runner’s habit! – Erin Kilts

You spit…When not running. – Patty Traina Kweram


People delete you on Facebook for posting too many running pictures. – Caria Cuschieri


You get jealous when you are driving and see other runners running. – Caria Cuschieri

You look at mile counters on the freeway and think, “I’d rather be running than driving” – or “I can run that far”. – Caria Cuschieri

You see someone else running when you’re not and get jealous. – Michelle Bushey

It’s not about competition, but completion. – Michi Rob

You get mad that an injury keeps you from running, not that it damaged your body. – Katie Kilter

You gladly go to bed at 9pm on Fri/Sat to get up early for your long run. – Katie Kistler

You start religiously weight training to become faster and less injury prone. – Katie Kistler

You call yourself a runner. – Julie Sweet


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