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Disney Dopey Challenge Race Recap and Questions Answered – Post 5 of 5

dopey challenge medalsOver the past four weeks I’ve covered The Dopey Challenge with my posts on the Walt Disney World 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon. Today I want to share the overall recap to the Dopey Challenge and answer your top questions, including “should I run the Dopey challenge”?



The Dopey Challenge was an amazing experience! It was the ultimate physical challenge and I was amazed that I was able to complete 48.6 miles in four days! I would absolutely do it again. There is no better place in the world to run than at Walt Disney World. Being able to run four days in a row at Disney was an absolute dream.


So, here’ the scoop:


pluto5kmedalHow much is the Dopey Challenge?

The Dopey Challenge is $495


Can I get in the Dopey Challenge if it’s sold out?

The Dopey Challenge sold out the same day that registration opened. If you still want to participate in the Dopey Challenge, even if it’s sold out, you can register with a charity group or travel provider.



Minnie 10K MedalWhere should I stay if I run the Dopey Challenge?

I highly recommend that you stay on Walt Disney World property at a Walt Disney World resort. I wrote about the awesome jogging trails at each of the Walt Disney World resorts, which you can check out. My top favorites in each price range include; Disney’s Beach Club (deluxe), Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort (moderate) and Disney’s All-Star Movies (value).



disneymedalsdopeychallengeHow many medals do I get for the Dopey Challenge?

You will get six total medals for the Dopey Challenge. You can check out the pictures from the 2014 Dopey Challenge. You will get a 5K medal, 10K medal, half marathon medal, full marathon medal, Goofy Challenge medal and Dopey Challenge medal.





Can I get in the park for free if I run in an event that morning?


DonaldMedalUnfortunately you cannot get into the park for free if you are a runner. In 2011, Walt Disney World had “Marathon Monday”, in which marathon participants could visit any Walt Disney World park for free if they wore their race medal to the park the day after the event. However, Walt Disney World has not had that promotion since 2011. You will have to buy a park ticket to visit the park.





mickeymarathonmedalWhere is the race expo?


The Walt Disney World Race Expo is held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports. The expo has the runDisney race gear, shirts, shoes, keychains and all the goodies! You can also check out the awesome vendors who have everything from protein bars to socks. However, I warn you not to try anything new before the race. Definitely buy new products to check them out AFTER your race, as you train for your next event.




disneygoofymedalWhat is a corral and why is it on my race bib?

The Walt Disney World races are so large that they divide participants up into corrals based on the estimated race finish time. When you sign up for the race, you will enter your estimated race finish time. You will then be placed in your appropriate corral.





disneydopeymedalIf my friend is in “Corral C” but I’m in “Corral D” can I move up to her corral?


No, but she can drop back to your corral. You can’t move to a faster corral, but you can always move back to a corral in the back.




stacymarathonhalfwayDo I need to bring my own race nutrition or is there drink and food on the course?

There is water, Gatorade, Clif Bar Products and Hershey’s Chocolate Bars on the course. If you trained drinking water and/or Gatorade, than you can rely upon the on course nutrition. However, if you train with any other nutrition products, such as PowerAde, Gu, Honey Stinger Waffles, etc.. then you will want to bring your own nutrition. Don’t try anything new on race day.


Can I drive to the race?

The traffic is extremely congested during the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and many roads are closed, therefore I highly recommend that you take Walt Disney World transportation. The buses are comfortable and run frequently, and it’s free if you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort!


Can my family come to the race with me?

The Walt Disney World races are family-friendly, you can definitely bring your family to cheer you on! There are great resources on the runDisney site for Spectators, and there are resources to help your family know where to go and how to find you. There is even a ChEAR Squad that your family can sign up for, whch includes lots of extras and perks. However, they don’t have to be a part of the ChEAR Squad to watch you run. I recommend that they arrive separately from you so they don’t have to wait around any longer than they will already.



How do I get my Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Dooney & Bourke Bag?
You can pre-order your Disney Dooney & Bourke or purchase it at the expo. Please note that they sell out fast and they are sold in a separate building from the race expo. You will need to go to a special building to purchase the Disney Dooney & Bourke race purses. Just ask when you arrive where they are being sold.



If I sign up for the Dopey Challenge, do I have to run all the races to get the Dopey Medal?
Yes, you will have to run and complete all of the races in the Dopey Challenge to get the medal. You will need to show your special race bracelet at the finish line at each race and then at the completion of the full marathon, you will show all of the bracelets that demonstrate the completion of each event and you will get your Goofy and Dopey Challenge medals.


Do you have any other questions about the Dopey Challenge? If so, please send them over and I’ll answer all of your questions.

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