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What Runners Say….

IMG_2670I reached out to fellow mother runners in the Women’s Running Club and asked them the question, “Things runner’s say…” and they came up with some awesome responses!

A lot of curse words while running uphill; Usually “is (insert race organizer here) trying to kill me?
” – Tara Simmons


“No way am I eating that, I have a race tomorrow!” – Eryn Kay


“This is not a hill… It’s a flippin mountain.” – Vicki Zember


“I just ran a half marathon. Let me fit this burger into my mouth.” – Annie Mullen


“These pants feel tight. Oh wait, that’s because of my runner’s thighs.” – Janet Slater


“This is ridiculous, I’m never running this far again! Oh look a half [marathon] that’s close!“ – Brette Vosburgh


“Why does a 30 second walk interval feel so much shorter than a 30 second run interval?“ – Patti Taylor


“Oh that pain is just a muscle strain“, as you drag your leg behind you. Or the doctor says you need six to eight weeks off, and you ask, “does that mean no running?” – ‪Melissa Witherspoon-Grimes‪


“Look! I can still run! That means my leg ain’t broken”…. turned out it was! ‪Marte Holmstrand‪


“I have maybe 20 pairs of shoes. One black pair, one brown, and the rest are all running shoes in varying stages of use. – Terri Williams


It’s just a little blood. – Annie Mullen


“What running demon planted the idea in my mind to train for a marathon?“– Janet Slater


“Five miles and negative splits.“ – Karen Santora

I hate hills so when I’m checking out which race to do I get excited when I see one that says “flat and fast”. When I do the run that race and find out it’s not so flat I want to find the person who made that statement and say, “Flat I don’t think so!” – Lynne Harris Higgins



“I think I broke my hand when I fell. My legs are okay. I’ll finish my run & then go to the ER!“ – ‪Debbie Doty Gursslin


“Yea the taper ONLY … long run miles this weekend” – ‪Zoey Winkler‪


On the Friday evening before a Saturday morning race–“No wine for me (sad face)-I am racing tomorrow!
”– Peggy Henderson

Before race: “Why do I even do this. I hate running. I’m so nervous. I’m gonna puke.” After race: “That was awesome, I love running. I’ll sign up for all the races. – Blair Humphrey


“You’re my b*tch today”…said to every large hill I approach. – Jami Jacobs


“I think I’ve broken my foot, but it was worth it for my first marathon.” (Luckily not broken, but did require two weeks on crutches!)
 – Jess Redman


“Hey, look! I’m losing my toenail!” (Proud first marathon training moment!)
– Melanie Trump


We’re the only folks who often cringe in the shower. – Mary Stiel


“It’s only 150 miles! If we take turns, it won’t be bad!“ (Ragnar style run for St. Jude)
 – Jo Brazzell


At 8pm… “Goodnight!”
– Catherine Elizabeth


As told to my ER nurse Friday as he was splinting my fractured wrist and elbow, which I broke falling while running, “Of course I’m still going to keep running. I have a marathon next month. It’s just a broken arm!” – Angie Hannan


“I can’t drink because I have a long run tomorrow – it’s only 14 miles.“ – Holly Mehedin


The first time my boyfriend saw the chafe marks across my torso he said “what is that?” I said, “Oh that’s nothing. That’s just where my heart rate monitor sits.“ – Mary Stiel


When my daughter wants me to run after her: “No honey, I can’t. I ran eight miles this morning and my legs hurt.“ – Patty Kweram


After realizing how far I ran and I have to turn around and go back…”Screw this, I’m calling a cab!” – Jameka Stuckey


After tripping and falling, bloody knee and face: “Crap! I ripped my favorite running tights!” – Deb Gilbert


Running into a convenience store: “Where’s the bathroom?’”– Kerry Gosselin


“I love the Great Outdoors Port-a-Potty.” – Alma Arvizu


“What can I eat next?” – Jill Fairbairn


I ONLY ran eight miles today – Lorenda Miller-Faist


We swear – a lot! Hills bring it out in us the most. A tough one might bring out the occasional sh**, a rough one the f*** chant. The mile long, “what we’re they thinking including this hill at the end of the race?” gets a name… G*d da** mother f****r. The name has stuck, even when driving up it – just the memory of it. – Holly Kaiser


“I need a nap.“ – ‪Jaimie Salt‪


“How many miles do I have to run for this cupcake?“
– ‪Sue Johnston‪


When a non-runner asks how far your race is and you say 5K or 3.1 miles and the response is, “oh 3 miles isn’t bad.” I want to say, “no it’s 3.1 miles and, yes, that .1 is significant.” – ‪Miranda Dowd‪


“That last .2 miles was killer.“ – ‪Miranda Dowd‪


“I bet the neighbors think I’m crazy doing laps in the cul-de-sac while watching my Garmin!”
– ‪Angel McCrary‪


While looking at my phone/watch: “I only have 4.89 miles. OK, I need to run laps in the parking lot until I hit five.” – ‪Holly Lannan De Santis‪


“Whatever we do this weekend, Mommy’s long run is the #1 priority!”– ‪Julie Owen-Loughborough‪


Before my run: “Freakin alarm clock…freakin’ early morning run….I hate having to do this!” After my run: “Wow, it feels so awesome accomplishing so much by 8 a.m.!” – ‪Julie Owen-Loughborough‪


Texting my friend: “Hey, if you’re free for lunch we should go to this really good Indian place.” Then I stopped and I thought: oh wait, I’ve gotta do my long run this evening!…so I erased it, thinking, “Never mind that!” I do love Indian food, but the spice will not work for running this evening. – ‪Derica Brown‪


I listen to inappropriate hip-hop and sing out loud when it’s a reference to a body part: “that’s right…wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble”. It reminds me why I run…because things wobble-stick out-shake-wiggle. – ‪Shalotta Jordan Sharp‪


I always say, “Let’s get this shit over with”, before I go for run!“ – ‪Libby Henkener‪


Before a race, “Why do I pay to feel like this?” After a race, “That was brilliant. Let’s sign up and do it again.” – ‪Angela Coulombe‪


Halfway through a long run I say, “I only have one more hour to go…AWESOME!“ – ‪Amanda North‪


At the mall I almost tripped over my own two feet. My response to my kids “It’s ok, Mommy’s legs are just tired from that long run yesterday!” It was my longest run to date and I was just having a hard time picking my feet up. – ‪Melanie Belcher Trump‪


“I didn’t have much time this morning, so I only ran a 5k.” – Jannel Hefty Brueggeman


“Got a PR and managed negative splits on my tempo run today!”
– ‪Mary A Brown‪


“Where is my Anti Monkey Butt?” – ‪Mary A Brown‪


“You ladies are cut from the same dri-fit as me!“ – ‪Shelley Hodgkinson‪


Doc said no more running: “I am looking at 10ks right now.” – ‪Annie Mullen‪


As a Galloway interval runner, I always say, “Never waste a downhill!” Even if it is time to walk, wait until you’re at the bottom! My running buddies know this and follow my lead.– ‪Andrea Holt Jackson‪


“I’m gonna throw up……..hooray! I didn’t throw up!” – ‪Julie Callaghan Grace‪


When I’m getting a pedicure: “Don’t touch my callouses.”– 

‪Kelly Holmes


My running friend Eric always says, “Let’s go make some money!” before our running group heads out.– ‪Kimberly Graham‪


In my house there is a term of endearment that describes what comes over me….Runner’s Tourette’s….I can say ALL the “naughty words” in all combinations. My mom asks my running partner “how was the run” and she will answer “oh after mile eight it was full on runners Tourette’s.” – ‪Valerie Stauffer‪

Only my running friends agreed with me that the sweetest words ever from the PT’s lips are “you need new running shoes.” – ‪Jennifer Crandall‪


Only runners say on a 50-degree and cloudy day that the weather’s perfect! – ‪Jennifer Crandall‪


“Carb loading time!”
– Angie Lenth Hannan


“Ok, I’ve got 20 miles today. That’s just four 5-milers…no problem.” – Rebecca AbuAyed


“So happy I didn’t poop my pants during the race!” – ‪Trudy Bechtolt‪


“Oh good, next weekend is a short training run, so that’ll give my blister time to heal before my next long run.” – ‪Diana Therrien‪


“Running shoes are my crack!”– ‪Dawn M Rollie‪


Ten miles into a 1/2 marathon you think, “it’s just a 5k, I got this.” – ‪Patty Traina Kweram‪


“What a dumb hobby.” – ‪Veronica Miles Alicea‪


What is something you say? I’d love to hear from you!

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