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Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises Review Video

I absolutely love weight training, but I get stuck in a rut doing the same exercises over and over again. I love the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises for three reasons:

1. This book offers a wide variety of workouts for every body part, including full-body exercises.

2. There are full-color pictures of every exercise, including multiple shots throughout the range of motion in the exercise.

3. The book contains individual exercises, as well as several workout plans, including partner workouts, 12-week plans and gym workout plans.

You can buy The Women’s Health Big Book of Workouts on Amazon or you can buy it used. I do not receive any monetary benefit to your purchase of the book, so I’m not promoting it to make money, just letting you know a few of my favorite things!

Check out my Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises video for the full review!

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