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Hill repeat workout on the go


StepsWe went on vacation this past weekend to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and stayed in a cozy little cabin nestled in the mountains. While the cabin was perfect for spending quality family time together and boasted a game room, hot tub and Jacuzzi, it didn’t have much space to workout. Of course there was no treadmill and the small living room didn’t provide much space for a full body workout. However, I planned ahead and brought my 20 lb. weights and workout bands and I took my workout outside.


The cabin was located in the Great Smoky Mountains and the private roads offered the perfect opportunity for me to practice hill repeats. I made up three workout plans for each day of our trip to offer a quick, full-body workout with cardio, strength and flexibility.


Check out my workout plan I did on day one:



I’ll share day two and three later this week.


This is a full body workout that blasted 612 calories!! I wore my Apple Watch throughout the workout and I was shocked at how many calories I burned. My heart rate jumped super high during the hill repeats and it recovered slightly during some of the less intense weight segments. I alternated hard effort with medium and easy effort exercises to get the full benefits of the HITT workout. Note that for the hill repeats, I gave full effort on the incline and recovered on the downhill.


I also ended each workout with a quick yoga cool-down sequence. I created a quick yoga cooldown sequence print-out for you to use.


If you have an upcoming vacation and know that you are staying somewhere without a fitness facility, bring your own bands and you can fit this workout in on the road.



Do you workout while on vacation? How do you stay with your fitness routine while traveling? I’d love to hear from you.

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