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Make New Years Resolutions That Last a Lifetime

HappyNewYearIt’s that time of year again. Time to wake up from the carbohydrate induced haze of the holidays and snap back to reality. For many of us reality is a hefty dose of stress, neglected exercise and forgotten nutrition.

Each year we eagerly write our New Year’s Resolutions, which usually includes improving our fitness, but by February the enthusiasm fades and our goals fall by the wayside.

Make this year different by thinking of exercise in a new light. Exercise doesn’t have to take place in a gym or involve a treadmill to burn calories. Sometimes being physically active with another person or a group, such as on a sports team, is more fun. The good news is that there are many fun ways to stay active and keep you motivated without making exercise feel like a chore.

Try out some of these activities to make exercise fun:

Join a team 

Join a team sport to stay active and make new friends. Try out an adult team sports, such as women’s softball, kickball or soccer. There are tons of adult sport leagues popping up across the country and they offer a way to meet new friends while getting fit.

Love anyone?

Try your hand at tennis to scorch calories and have fun. Join a local tennis team or join a tennis club to play with friends.

Try something new

If you typically run on the road, try the trail. If you normally run on a trail, give biking a try. You can refresh your love for fitness by trying something new.

Golf your way fit

Hit balls at the driving range, or better yet, play 18 holes of golf. Walk the course to burn even more calories while improving your game.

Just keep swimming

Swimming is a great low-impact activity that can burn a lot of calories without putting stress on your joints. Swim in an indoor pool during the winter months. You can also explore the water in other ways, such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking or tubing.

There are many more ways to stay active while having fun. This chart shows the estimated number of calories burned for a wide variety of exercises. The specific calories burned can vary depending on the exercise, intensity level and your individual situation.

Activity (1-hour duration) Calories burned     
160 pounds 200 pounds 240 pounds
Aerobics, high impact 511 637 763
Aerobics, low impact 365 455 545
Aerobics, water 292 364 436
Basketball 584 728 872
Bicycling, leisure 292 364 436
Bowling 219 273 327
Canoeing 256 319 382
Croquet 171 228 285
Dancing, Ballroom 219 273 327
Golfing 329 410 491
Hiking 438 546 654
Ice Skating 511 637 763
Jogging, 5 mph 584 728 872
Kickball 504 648 792
Raquetball 511 637 763
Rollerblading 913 1138 1363
Running, 8 mph 986 1229 1472
Skiing, water 438 546 654
Softball 365 455 545
Swimming 511 637 763
Tae kwon do 730 910 1090
Tai Chi 292 364 436
Tennis 584 728 872
Volleyball 292 364 436
Walking, 2 mph 183 228 273
Walking, 3.5 mph 277 346 414
Weightlifting 219 273 327
Yoga 180 228 276

*Calories burned information obtained from the Mayo Clinic –

Make this the year that you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions. Incorporate these fun activities into your daily routine to make a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

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