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March Love with food box review


March Love with food box review

This month I tried the Love with Food box for the first time. The products were great and I was surprised at how many products were included in the box!
March Love with food box review


I really loved the Dolcetto Petites Lemon Wafer Bites. They weren’t too sweet and had a great light flavor. The wafer was crisp and light and the cream inside had a tart lemon flavor, but it wasn’t overpowering.


Lemon Wafer Bites

The Pork Clouds scared me a little, but my son devoured them and loved them! He and my daughter fought over who got the bag, and he won, but he was nice enough to share and she loved them as well!

Pork Clouds

While my son won Pork Clouds, my daughter won the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar and she loved it! She let me have a bite and it had a great flavor. The strawberry wasn’t too sweet and it didn’t overpower the fig. The bar was firm, which is good for a fig bar, they fall apart it too soft.

Fig Bar

I love Almond Roca! Although every time I eat it I think of the movie with Winona Ryder, Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael. Anyone else remember that movie? Or am I showing my age?

Almond Roca


I saved the Olympus Pitted Green Olives for my husband, as I’m not a fan.




This was my FAVORITE treat from the box!! The Stonefire Naan Crisps were incredible!! Salty, light, airy and crisp. These are perfect for dipping in hummus, which is exactly what I did. After finishing this small bag, I went out and bought two huge bags from Publix. It’s my new fav!!


Naan Crisps


My daughter loved the Horizon fruit snacks. She brought them to school for snack and asked me to buy a box when she got home.




Have you tried Love with Food? What do you think?

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