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Fab, Fit, Fun Summer Box Review


The Fab, Fit, Fun Summer box is chock-full of goodies for runners. You can subscribe to this box for $49.99. It’s delivered four times a year, so you will get summer, fall, winter and spring boxes. Each box is worth ~$200 and comes with full-sized products. I’ve noticed that each season there is usually a product in the following categories: fitness, fashion, beauty, jewelry and a fun activity.

I do NOT receive this box for free nor do I receive any benefits from Fab, Fit, Fun for conducting reviews. I pay out of pocket and give you my REAL, HONEST opinion about the products.

First off, I love the design of the summer box. The designer is Libby Vader Ploeg.

My favorite item in the box is the BKR glass water bottle, which my daughter quickly confiscated. I got blue, but the bottle also came in pink (which I wish I got). If you are an annual subscriber you can choose your colors. I may switch my membership because I never like the colors they send me. This retails for $35, but I would never spend $35 for a water bottle!

The Juice Beauty Eye Concentrate looks great. I always am looking for a good eye cream. I’m excited to give this a try. This retails for $29.

The Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ is for the face, so I’m excited to try this on my runs. I hope that it doesn’t melt into my eyes. This retails for $24.


The Cargo HD Picture Perfect Highlighter retails for $40. I typically use Benefit bronzer and highlighter, so I’m interested to try this brand.


I use dry shampoo frequently, especially after working out on my lunch break. The Klorane Dry Shampoo retails for $20.


Apparently annual subscribers were able to choose between an art, chef or travel surprise. I received the art surprise, which was an Amy Tangerine canvas, paint and stencil kit. I love painting and art, but…I could get this canvas for a couple of bucks at Michaels and I think my kids have better quality paints in their art kit. A bit disappointing…



I really love the Kris Nations Mystic Bar necklace. I received the white howlite version with a silver chain (thank goodness, I do not like gold chains). I put this on right away because I love it. The gems promote calmness and harmony, which I can really use! Value is $58.

The last item is a Michael Stars Ruana. I really don’t like the colors. I mean…brown..peach…blerg. There are also black and white and blue and white versions, which I sooo wish I got! This is good for light packing, which will be helpful for our trip to Italy. You can wear this as a skirt, wrap or scarf. Value is $54.



The last item is Vital Proteins Collagen. Value is $2.50. Not really sure how to use this!


Overall I give this box a C. If I could choose my colors, I would probably give it a higher rating. I also think they are way overstating the retail value for these items. I would never pay $35 for a water bottle or $54 for a scarf.


Do you subscribe to Fab, Fit, Fun? What did you think of this month’s box? I’d love to hear from you!

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